Middle School Leadership

As a preparation for Senior Leadership it is important that the Middle School model has some parallels with the leadership programme of the senior school. One should not be independent of the other. If we are truly student-driven then it is important that what we do in middle school dovetails into the senior leadership programme. This way the students participate in a continuous leadership journey from Year 7 until completion of school. Consequently, there can be up to four stages in a comprehensive Middle School Leadership Model.

  1. Leadership Certificate : To understand the ‘Leadership Certificate’ concept please read the Leadership Diploma and imagine a watered down version tailored for middle school.
  2. Who Took My Spoon ? : Up until middle school, students are spoon-fed, told what to do, where to go etc. ‘Who Took my Spoon’ is a programme about accountability and responsibility, and basically teaches the students to be proactive rather than reactive. Therefore leadership is presented as a proactive doing activity and a chance to announce oneself as a person who contributes and adds value, rather than one who is led and directed. (See the programme that follows)
  3. Coaching the Elected Leaders : They have the title but not quite sure what to do and how to do it, which is why these coaching sessions are essential. The end result of these coaching sessions is that your student leaders will be able to stand in front of their peers and present to them a leadership term of activities that will surprise, enthuse and inspire their peers into engagement.
  4. Leadership Launch Day : This is a great day where all students receive the opportunity to join a project group and under the guidance of the Gi Team, participate in their first project meeting chaired professionally by well coached student leaders.
Who Took My Spoon ? … A One Day Personal Leadership Programme for Middle School Students
Between Primary School and Year 9, students are appropriately LED by teachers who virtually guide their every step. It is a time at which being ‘SPOONFED’ is appropriate, as young men and women seek guidance as to what to do and how to respond. However there comes a time where the ‘youngster’ must learn to leave the nest and fly ! A time where they want accountability for their actions and their results … A time where they no longer desire to be spoonfed … A time where they want to take on this responsibility for self, their results and their conduct in life. Year 9 is an ideal time for them to accept this transition.


Furthermore, the patterns of behaviour they develop at 13-14 years of age are becoming consolidated. They may become similar to the patterns they carry into their adult life. The school environment must ensure that a 12-14 year old is beginning to constantly choose behaviours that benefit self-image, produce desired results in class, and add-value to their relationships.

‘Who Took My Spoon ?’ challenges Year 9 students to accept that accountability and gives them good reasons to do so. It is a program designed to excite them about their possibilities … a program that will give them practical skills to use in everyday life. At the end of the program they will be asked the question “Who Took My Spoon” ? Universally we should hear the same answer … “No one took our spoon – We just didn’t want it anymore “ !

Key Learnings
  • The milestones of life – Why is Year 9 a milestone in our life ?
  • Behavioural patterns as an adult are often founded by our attitudes at this age.middle-school-leadership002
  • Leadership starts with the ability to lead self.
  • How can you lead others if you can’t lead self towards goals worthwhile to you ?
  • Personal accountability – Be loath to blame others – First look at what you could have done differently.
  • What behaviours do we need to develop now that will help us in our senior years ?
  • Setting new standards and expectations of self.
  • Discipline – The ability to say ‘No’.
  • Balance and prioritization – Fitting everything in !
  • Time Management – Plan tomorrow the night before.
  • Value people’s help – don’t do it alone. Let ‘asking for help’ be a dominant behaviour.
  • Believe in yourself – ‘Seeing the Good’ particularly in self.middle-school-leadership003
  • Have a go. Keep on exploring talents
  • Announce yourself as a person capable of adding value to others

‘Who Took My Spoon ?’

Creating the Right Environment
Welcome to students and Intro to the Gi Team
What the Day is all about.
How we will work together today !
Agreement between Gi and students.
Get Over It and Get On With It!
Being accountable for your choices is being loathe to blame others or circumstance when perhaps it doesn’t go right… it’s recognising the choices you have made that contributed to the outcome and the impact your attitude and behaviour has had. In this fun, stimulating and at times FRUSTRATING session played with Jenga blocks, students will learn that they already have the tools to handle life challenges – all they need now is the courage to bring their best to the opportunities that life is currently giving them.
Morning Tea
1050 – 1135
Small Group Workshops
Do you have the courage to take the first step ? An interactive session around having courage, backing yourself and being accountable for your choices.
Addresses perceptions of others and self, and find out where you fit in your team!
1135 – 1220
Addresses perceptions of others and self, and find out where you fit in your team!
Do you have the courage to take the first step ? An interactive session around having courage, backing yourself and being accountable for your choices.
1220 – 1300
1300 – 1315
An Open and Honest communication forum in which students will recognise the good in themselves and those that they see in others.
Final Word and / or Video Highlights
N o longer spoon-fed – Self responsibility and self leadership is the call
O ught to have a go at more things – Explore
S tudy three times per week
P ersonal discipline – need to start to say ‘No’
O n Time  – Plan tomorrow the night before
O btain help – don’t do it alone – Value people
N ow is the time to believe in self – See the good within

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