Student Leadership Development

Do schools actually teach leadership ?


… or do they simply foster good role modelling, fine example, and behavioural management ?

Are they really giving our kids confidence to believe they can add value and bring beneficial difference to the communities they choose to serve ?

Do ALL students have the opportunity to leave school believing they are capable of being a catalyst of change in the world ? … Or is that belief only inherited by those who win the badge ?

The Global Immersion (Gi) Student Leadership Programme helps all students to embrace the opportunity to lead. The programme is cost effective and doesn’t require extensive human resources, BUT fundamental to us working with your school is that you buy into these concepts first …

1. Leadership is any action that makes the world I touch a better place. This is such an important concept for not every student is born with visionary, persuasion and strong group management skills, but in this definition, every student can see themselves as a leader, whereas only the few truly see themselves as a school captain, a leader of industry, or head of hierarchy.

2. Every child deserves the right to leave school knowing they can make a difference, BECAUSE SCHOOL GAVE THEM THAT OPPORTUNITY !! I know that many parents want this outcome for their son or daughter, as much as they want to see their academic performance maximised !!

3. Leadership has nothing to do with a badge or a title, but everything to do with what you DO to inspire change and add value. If we are going to give students belief that they can lead, we must provide opportunities for all students to DO something that adds value.

The Challenge for Schools

To create a programme that allows ALL senior students to make a difference … to inspire beneficial change, without it interfering with other school pursuits, such as academic responsibilities, sporting goals, and work commitments.

The Answer

The answer lies in 3 well executed distinct strategies.

1. Select the right student leaders in the first place, who have already proven their capacity to lead. Welcome to the ‘Leadership Diploma’.

2. Coach the student leadership group to be a confident TEAM, truly capable of engaging their peers into participation for one term of service activity.

3. Create an environment in which all Year 12’s see leadership as an opportunity to celebrate ‘US’ by coming together as ONE, and executing projects initiated by them and driven by their elected student leadership body. Every Year 12 student must feel as if they owe the school a term of service as a thank-you for the gifts, friendship and memories they have received from their school experience, that go way beyond the school’s obligation.

What you are about to read is a model only !

It has been developed for Senior School Leadership involving Year 11 and 12, but may start earlier in Year 10 if you wish. Many schools are not in a position to adopt the entire model and so contact Global Immersion for implementation of parts or sections of what you are about to read. (Click here for Middle School Leadership)