gi-team001NICOLE JONES – ‘NIC’ … Nicole is a 3rd year teacher at Shalom College, Bundaberg and let me simply say, “Any student that has this lady for a teacher is very very fortunate!  She is a connector!”  That she is such a formidable coach is not surprising when you learn of her continuous love of assisting young people to be all that they can be.

  • Nicole was a member of the Australian Youth Roundtable (2006-2007) advocating changes to youth member health programs.
  • She was a member of her local council’s youth representative board for many years.
  • She has worked with Edmund Rice Camps to provide children experiencing disadvantage with a fun, holiday experience. The list goes on !

What makes Nicole so special is EMPATHY, a great desire to listen and a huge reluctance to judge. It’s a formula which makes her available to every single participant.

gi-team002BERNICE KELLY – ‘NINNY’ … It is not possible to keep this young lady down ! She is a full time marketing manager, house owner and university student ALL AT THE SAME TIME, and furthermore has a pretty good time doing it all ! Our students just love ‘Ninny’. She is fun, enthusiastic and has energy to burn. She challenges our participants, gives them room to move and explore, but always within the boundaries of safety. A graduate of Stuartholme School in 2010, Bernice is in the last chapter of finishing her degree in Business where she majors in PR. She is avid about Fashion and hence goes beserk with the colours and designs on offer in Africa. When our girls go shopping with Bernice in Tanzania, there isn’t much change left !! Like all of our Gi Team Members, Bernice builds terrific environment in which participants thrive and maximise their opportunities while under her fun-loving Group Management.

gi-team003SAM HAWLEY … Yep he wears an ear-ring. He wears his hat back the front, and I think he owns three T-shirts … and that’s why we love him ! Sam keeps things ever so simple. He is one of the few people I know who actually understands that advice to others is almost useless unless they ask for it, but when they do they will be offered a simple, wise, common sense thought that becomes so valued. Add to his quiet calm character, a skill with the lens that is unsurpassed and you finish up with photos and videos of your trip that are just superb summaries of your Gi Adventure. This is his work …. … As for the mountains ? No-one will handle a high altitude peak better then Sam Hawley. Furthermore, he will carry his camera gear all the way up just to ensure that you have your photographic moment of glory on the summit of Kilimanjaro or at the base of Sagamartha. Sammie H … a superb human being.

gi-team004EMMA MURTAGH – ‘MURTS’ … Now Emma has already graduated ! No longer a Group Manager, she is one of our best TOUR LEADERS. At 28 years of age, she is a qualified Engineer, a highly intelligent human being and possesses a unique capacity to guide people with strength, respect and a load of fun. She is one of a kind !!  We would like to think that her brilliant skills in connecting with youth might have been as a result of her being the General Manager of the nationally acclaimed youth leadership organisation -‘yLead’ for many years, but history says that she has displayed this tremendous capacity to lead in such a mad-cap fun manner throughout her very fulfilling life. If you are on a trip and this lady is your Tour Leader then be assure that your experience has just been greatly enhanced.

PETER McANELLY … Perhaps the only one in our team who can match Bernie for age, but like Bernie is just gifted with a ‘Young at Heart’ attitude that endears him to all participants, young and old. Peter is a wonderful teacher from St John’s College, Woodlawn in Northern NSW and has led numerous Bernie Kelly inspired tours to Africa, Nepal and India. The manner is calm and the leadership is strong, ensuring all participants an experience that takes full advantage of the wonderful opportunities on offer.

gi-team005CLAIRE STALLARD – ‘CLAIRE BEAR’ … Claire is a House Coordinator at Shalom College Bundaberg, and when she’s not teaching or travelling, she is a sports trainer with various Australian school sports teams. Being a ‘sporty’, it is not surprising that she cannot sit still for too long and she always has new adventures and travels in the pipeline. Of course, the well travelled teacher is one capable of sharing broad-minded values, ideas and new possibilities with her students. It’s no wonder that her students enjoy her passion and her continuous belief that they can do more, be more and be open to a bigger picture of contribution to our world. Claire thrives on the enthusiasm of our young people and is always looking for the next plan or strategy to keep their passion alive and fresh. Hence, she is a most valued member of our Gi Team !!

gi-team006MIKHARA RAMSING – ‘MIKZ ‘ … is passion personified ! There is not too much that this Law and Economics undergrad at UQ doesn’t do. She was school captain at St Peters Lutheran here in Brisbane. She conducts in-school leadership programs up and down the East Coast. She has been a key player in ‘Bernie Kelly’ inspired expeditions to Africa and India/Nepal for a number of years already. In fact, at one stage she held the fund-raising record  for the highest amount raised by a single participant at $ 5000. She is Vice-President at the University’s of Queensland’s Law Society, as well as heavily involved in economic development for alleviating children in poverty. Soon she undertakes her first half a marathon to raise funds for Cure Cancer Australia.  She has even been a DJ. In whatever time is left over, she likes to burst out some tunes on the back deck and savour a good cup of tea.  We feel this is her only weakness !! Mikz is a compassionate, driven person, who relishes opportunities into helping those around her realise their potential and goals. She is a very very special one is our Mikz

gi-team007SARAH OSMOND … Sarah O as she is affectionately called is currently finishing off a psychology degree, with previous study in international relations. This is one very intelligent Group Manager ! Sarah has been with us to Africa, Nepal and India and thrives on all aspects of Gi trips be it the servitude component, the adventure element or educational focus  ! Sarah has been quoted as saying, “I am intrigued with different cultures, and how values, such as respect, spirituality and love, transcend them all, which is why the integration of our Aussies with our African ‘rafikis’, Nepalese ‘sahthi’, and South American ‘amigos’ is always going to happen”.I regard Sarah as an expert in creating environment, which supports individual personalities, embraces the valued contribution of each participant yet despite people difference, brings them together with respect, understanding and acceptance.

gi-team008JIMMY KELLY … Don’t be fooled by the baby face ! This ‘leader of peers’ has been inspiring young people throughout his school life and more recently as a Group Manager of ‘Global Immersion’ Expeditions. Jimmy is exceptional at creating a fun relaxed atmosphere that makes all of his ‘family’ members on tour feel so accepted and valued. When not travelling the world with Global Immersion, Jimmy studies Sports Science and Performance Psychology, plays high level AFL with the ‘big boys’, and inspires middle school students to be all that they can be. On tour he brings a devotion to training which means participants have opportunities to go for a run in the most brilliant of African environments. He is one of a kind … is our Jimmy !

gi-team009 gi-team010 gi-team011
Manager with Ernst and Young, and a Gi Manager who just never stops.
Extraordinary Drama Teacher and Gi TOUR LEADER
Creative, Thoughtful and most caring Group Manager

gi-team012NAOMI ADAMS – ‘NAY NAY’… is more than a teacher at Townsville Grammar.  She is Miss Travel ! She was bitten by the travel bug in 2007, when at the ripe old age of 21, she put study on hold for 12 months, packed her bags and headed off to Europe to work. She hasn’t looked back since and in recent years has adding stamps from NZ, SE Asia Pacific Islands and Tanzania to her weary looking passport. Naomi sees the opportunity to travel as more than a break from the classroom, but more a continuation of her own personal growth journey. She likes to take in and learn the local languages. She embraces culture and history of the countries that she visits. She has a thirst for education, which she beautifully imparts to all participants. We value Naomi because she spend time on kids. She invests in them and if that means long ‘one on ones’ with her participants, then she is amongst Gi’s best. We are so lucky to have her on board.

gi-team013ALKA RAMSING – ‘ALKS’… First of all she is the one in the middle !! is a vivacious girl who thrives off connecting with people and making their passions realities. She is involved within the Global Immersion team on conferences and in-school programs within Queensland and Sydney. Alks has travelled to India/Nepal with Global Immersion and has climbed to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Her warm nature, multicultural background and vast leadership experiences, makes her a nuqie addition to the G.I. team.She has held leadership positions at both school, university and within the community. These include current social director of the ‘Golden Key International Honour Society’, Captaincy positions of both the school and of sports (volleyball). She began a relationship with her school and the Inala Foster Care home, known as ‘Project Love and Care.’ She is currently studying Bachelor of Laws and Psychology and is a Mentor within the Law School. She is endorsing the Global Immersion philosophy by taking action to raise funds for the Cure Cancer foundation to make the world a better place. In her spare time, (actually all the time), she loves to bust out her moves to any good dance number. She thrives of a good cup of chai. Alks is a caring individual who is willing to get to know you and actualise your dreams!

gi-team014CHLOE STELLA … Chloe is our enthusiastic Group Manager with the biggest smile of all time. Chloe is well on her way to completing her medical degree at Monash University in Melbourne. With plenty of clinical experience, Chloe brings qualified first aid and terrific  knowledge re outdoor and emergency medicine to the Gi team. Chloe is an avid rock-climber and surfer and understandably loves being part of our thrill-seeking team ! Her friendly and approachable demeanour make Chloe a great group manager and someone who our participants just love. Gi feels very safe when this lady travels with us !

gi-team015SAM McCORMACK …  After 5 long years of studying, Sam has just been awarded her BA Psychology and Bachelor of Laws (Honours), and works as a lawyer with the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service in Sydney. She leads Cambodia cycle trips for young Aussies with Project Futures where she can advocate her real  passion fighting the sale and exploitation of children and women through human trafficking.  Sam has always brought a terrific sense of social justice to our long association over many many years, and you can imagine how this adds tremendous value to the work we share.