Nepal and India : An Unforgettable Spiritual Journey

I often get asked which is the best trip. I refuse to answer that question but will always add that I personally prefer this experience in Nepal and India. Why ? Because it asks more questions! Just imagine the experience of working with a school for disabled students in Nepal, which is predominantly a Buddhist society, followed by the awesome creation of the Himalayas. Then you have the greatest spiritual river of all, The Ganges and its Holy City, Varanasi. This is where you experience thousands of Hindus bathe in the religious waters. It’s a mind-blowing sight, and then we lose ourselves in our work side by side with Mother Teresa’s ‘Missionaries of Charity’ in Calcutta. This is where you watch ‘love in action’. To finish it off The Taj Mahal is then of course the greatest love monument in human history. Put all this together there is no way you can experience all this and return the same person. It’s just not possible.



Detailed Itinerary : Himalayas, Mother T and the Taj

Day 1 D From BRISBANE to Kathmandu – Our 2 pm Air Thai flight departs Brisbane and gives us a sleepover in Bangkok. We arrive Kathmandu at 1pm the next day, where our head guide Nima, greets us and takes us to Hotel Marshygangdi in heart of Kathmandu, which is fully alive … so much to do … so much to enjoy in chaotic, energetic, bustling Kathmandu.
Day 2 BLD
Day 3 BL? Khagendra Vocational School It’s time to serve, teach, play and sing with these beautiful disabled students, whose welcoming embrace always creates a powerful experience. We are building Khagendra a brand new school and you will see the structure being built. It is your fund-raising money which is giving them this most valued facility. No wonder they are so eager to embrace us, thereby creating a wonderful feeling of belonging and family. These are memorable days.
Day 4 BLD
Day 5-10 BLD Annapurna’s Calling It starts with a short but spectacular flight to Pokhara where you will see the magnificent Himalayas from your window seat. It’s a breathtaking view and one which immediately ties you to this thrilling trekking experience, which includes breathtakingly beautiful views of the Annapurna peaks from the lower region. Over six days you will trek through green fields scattered with small villages while the snowy Himalayan peaks supervise your progress. It’s a long trek, but one which ends as all good treks should … in the hot baths of Tatopani!
Day 11 B?D Rest Day Well that’s what we call it, but in reality you are back in Kathmandu, and there is so much to do in this thriving metropolis. So go enjoy the locals. There are terrific cafés to enjoy … their book shops are so intriguing … shirts to purchase …or you could always wash your clothes!
Day 12 B?D Varanasi There is an early afternoon flight to this most ancient of living cities. Over 2 and a half days, we visit Sarnath where Bhudda preached his first sermon. We watch 1000’s of Hindus bathe in ‘Mother Ganga’. The Burning crematoriums will fascinate. The evening celebration by the young priests has to be seen to believed. We watch it from the Ganges. It is a memorable sight. as does the evening train through ‘village’ India to Calcutta!
Day 13 BLD
Day 14 B??
Day 15 ?LD Calcutta – … where humanity is at its most raw. Volunteer at Mother Teresa’s Kalighat, her home for the dying or Prem Dam, her beautifulhome for orphaned children. Work with her sisters side by side and you will see ‘Love in Action’ to a degree you have not seen before. Attend their morning service and you will hear the voice of angels. This like much of this trip is a spiritual experience.
Day 16 BL?
Day 17 B?D
Day 18 BLD Taj Mahal … There is no greater monument in the world that is so breathtaking then the Taj Mahal. In the early hours of the morning you will be transferred to Delhi train station to board the Shatabdi Express direct to The Taj Mahal! This is a fast train built specifically for the journey between Delhi and The Taj. Again your tour escort will be with you every step of the way and will guide your tour of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. After lunch, the tour continues onto Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will receive a further insight into the historical foundations of this rapidly developing world power called India.
Day 19 B??
Day 20 BLD Time for HomeWe head for Delhi Airport for our 10.00 am flight back to Australia, If our planes are on time you can expect to touch down in Brisbane at Midday with a bag full of memories impossible to erase, a squadron of new friends and an experience that will probably impact you for the rest of your life.
Day 21 B




Departure Dates: We depart from Brisbane on Wed Dec 4 and return to the Queensland Capital on Dec 24 at midday.

Flights: This is our typical flight itinerary.



Day 22 arr Day 23 KQ 860 NAIROBI KENYATTA 2320 BKK SUVARNABHUMI 1300
Day 23 arr Day 24 TG 473 BKK SUVARNABHUMI 2359 BRISBANE TERMINAL: I 1205


Return to other Capital Cities: We can arrange for you to be flown back to any other capital city in Australia, but it might increase the fee slightly. We do suggest that we all leave Brisbane together, so to generate our own sense of community and connection with fellow travellers.

The Fee: If you are able to join us for the full 21days the fee is $ 6750 and hopefully less $ 800 for your Khagendra fundraising effort, thereby reducing your investment to $ 5950

If you have travelled with us before then your fee is reduced by $ 200 to potentially $ 5750, pending your fund-raising effort

If you have travelled with us two or more times than your fee is reduced by $ 500 to potentially $ 5450

Land Only Fee: If you wish to join us from another part of the world or be responsible for meeting us in Tanzania, then please deduct $ 1450 from your fee being the International ‘Group’ Airfare component.

Teachers fee: Thanks to the generosity of a most understanding sponsor, who values the lessons that teachers can impart to their students from this extraordinary experience, teachers can enjoy this experience for $ 4950 irrespective of how much they fund-raise.

Meals: There are 59 meals required from the moment we leave Brisbane Airport to the moment we arrive back. Your fee caters for 49 of them!

Inclusions with full fee: Return International Airfare, all bus and air transfers to and from airports and to locations and venues in Nepal and India, minimum twin-share Accommodation, full service trek experience including local guides, porters, chef, and park entrance fees, 83 % of meals, shared accommodation at Louis Vatern Taverns at Bangkok International Airport on forward flight, group management in ratio of 1:15 participants and an experienced tour leader at all times.

Not included in full fee: Gear and equipment for trekking Annapurnas and cost of additional porters if they have to carry in excess of 16Kg, Compulsory travel and personal accident insurance, Tips but are accounted for as part of your recommended $ 700 Aud spending money, Visa entry to Nepal and India, passport, vaccinations, toiletries, medical supplies plus expenditure on personal drinks, souvenirs and other things of personal nature.

Optional excursions not detailed in the itinerary or additional accommodation required if you needed to return from trek earlier, Extra costs incurred in case of own intentional change of itinerary.

Contact: For more information contact Global Immersion direct on 07 3269 9118