Gi’s International Charity Programme



Serving any charity is a special gift, but with Global Immersion, there is one essential difference. We actually visit our charities at least twice per year. That way we see what your money is building. We meet the children whom your money is serving, and in some cases, we even sponsor them to share further experiences with us. There are two projects which consume our focus … A Science Block for ‘The School of St Jude’, and a brand new school for 122 disabled students at Khagandra Vocational School in Nepal. The following photographs and paragraphs tell our St Judes story … so far!

BERNIE KELLY meets ST JUDES for the first time !


Some meetings are life changing and this one in 2007 with Gemma Sisia, Founder of St Judes certainly brought new direction to Bernie’s life.  Bernie was so impressed with Gemma’s unrelenting drive and focus to ‘fight poverty through education’, that he committed the ‘Youth of Australia’ to raise $400,000 to build St Judes a 12th boarding home (pictured left) to house 80 of her Tanzanian students. It is a project that still continues today under the guidance of yLead management and the energy of our generous young Aussies.

GLOBAL IMMERSION builds a state of the art
Science Block for St Judes.


What a thrill it was in December 2013 to see construction workers actually on site building the very structure which Gi is financing. It will cost $ 260,000 and so far we have taken $ 40,000 off the mortgage through the generosity of our student travellers and a fund-raising team eager to wipe the debt as soon as possible. What helps greatly is when Year 8 student, Maddy Rennie from Sunshine Coast Grammar (pictured left with Gemma) raises over $ 6000 by herself. You can still help her cause … … Celebrate Australia for 27 of 34 participants to Tanzania in Dec 2013, raised $ 800 or more !

SCHOOL of ST JUDE joins our Aussie students on KILIMANJARO!


What happens when students from two different cultures, entirely two different backgrounds unite with the sole intent to embrace difference and celebrate their common human spirit by climbing Kilimanjaro together? You get people who don’t want to leave each other. Well, that was our experience at Kilimanjaro International Airport after the most magnificent week sharing song, dance, life and adventure with 7 St Jude students. The result were memories that will never be lost by the 41 who shared that incredible journey.


Located in Kathmandu, this small establishment for 122 disabled students would be excited NOW about our annual visits to their precious school. Precious? Very precious! … simply because the spirit and love that exists within their compound has to be experienced to be believed. Gi has committed to building Khagendra a brand new school at an estimated cost of $ 120,000 AUD and so far we have contributed a little over half, but the rewards have already outweighed our generosity as seen by the photos below. In 2011, the Gi family painted 9 classrooms in one day. The Nepalese hadn’t seen a work ethic like it! In 2012, a whole school hall was stripped, washed, undercoated and overcoated twice in 12 hrs. That team was a Carmel dal Ponte led machine, and recently, 19 terrific young Aussies led by tour leaders, Peter Mac and Emma Murts laid the first brick for our new sponsored school. Khagendra has already provided us with our some of our proudest moments!