Join us as we trek through Nepal and India this September

May 3rd, 2016

We have a challenge for you…if personal growth and development are high on your list for 2016, then join us for a journey through Nepal and India like no other.

Not only will you trek through the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp, but along the way you will meet the most beautiful local children who will help you learn more about yourself, while you are helping them and their community.

It’s a spiritual journey as you take in the powerful awesome force of nature through Nepal, with guided expeditions lead by local sherpas, learning the local languages, and serving the children of Khagendra – a home for disabled students.

For those that continue the tour onto India, you will explore Varanasi before serving with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta.

This tour is a powerful motivator of change in yourself and the way you see the world.   We depart Brisbane on 17 September and return on 7 October 2016.

Challenge accepted?  Apply now as there are only limited  spaces left in our tour group of 24, so don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this life changing experience.

For more information, contact Bernie Kelly on 0412 982 444 or email

Everest trip planner

Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan from 4BC to host St Judes Fashion Parade

June 30th, 2014

DSC_0650BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Much loved broadcasters and Queensland media icons from 4 BC, Ian Skippen and the drop dead gorgeous Loretta Ryan will be hosting your St Jude’s Fashion Parade. Since the announcement leaked last Friday request for tickets have peaked. Others have suggested the increase in ticket sales is due to the fact that Global Immersion’s beloved Kilimanjaro Guide, BOB, will also be there making his Australian debut, but we know it is because ‘Brizzy loves Skippo and Loretta’ !!!

Don’t delay !! Purchase today and be a part of this grand event at Kedron Wavell RSL on Sat July 19 commencing 6.30 pm and you could win a trip to Africa including return airfares and 9 days enjoying and celebrating the vision of St Jude’s, which is transforming a third world country …

Your attendance will not only a deliver a fun filled night with free entry to Fridays nightclub afterwards, but will put you in touch with 622 ‘Bernie Kelly inspired young Aussies’ who have been to Tanzania to serve this unbelievable cause. All proceeds will sponsor another 4 children through St Jude’s from Grade One through to a University Degree !!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.35.11 pmCost is $ 59 per ticket … but the evening will deliver so much more !!


Simply Transfer $ 59 to …  B and F Kelly … Charity Account

NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK   BSB : 084-365   ACCOUNT : 12-393-3150

For REMITTER NAME, please PRINT your FULL NAME, and in the DESCRIPTION, simply write the word ‘JUDEFASHION’

OR use your PayPal account to book NOW.  PayPal link –

While we would love to see you there, you wouldn’t come for us … you might come for St Judes … but most of all you’d come because this is going to be one ripper of an evening !

Hello world!

April 9th, 2014

 Welcome to the Gi Blog! Here we will document and update what is going on in the world of Global Immersion….no day is ever boring, trust us! 

For our first ever blog post I’d love to answer to you guys the question of what is GLOBAL IMMERSION? 

Well it all started with the one and only, Bernie Kelly. Bernie’s story started three decades ago when he asked himself this significant question…

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” 

It was this question that led Bernie to strive to make a change in the leadership development amongst the youth of Australia. His mantra has always been simple… 

“Leadership is any action that makes the world I touch a better place”

For the past 25 years, Bernie has continued to teach, coach and serve the youth of Australia in the hope of forming global leadership networks capable of making a real difference. Global Immersion aims to bring together the youth of the world through powerful leadership experiences. These experiences may be through a life-changing trip to Africa or a significant day spent with Bernie at an in-school program. What ever the Gi experience is, it will alter your life! How do we know this? Well just read below and you’ll know why…


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bernie Kelly for the past 22 years of my life, but not just in a working capacity….

Bernie is my Dad.

To begin to explain the character of my father is almost indescribable, because I do not know another man like him. A man who has dedicated himself to making a difference in the world. A man who has humbly accepted the challenges that life continuously throws our way. A man with such integrity and humility that allows him to serve others. And most of all, a man who loves unconditionally. He is my Dad and I am proud to say it. Not just because of the amazing work he has created through Global Immersion, but more so because of the man he is. His passion and will to learn and live is what makes him so inspirational. It is what has got him to where he is today! He is my hero and I love him!

So why take on board a Global Immersion experience? Because you will get to interact with the man I have just told you about, and I promise…you won’t forget him easily! His enthusiasm and vest for life will keep you wanting more. Don’t wait for the opportunity….make it happen!

Call us now on 07 3269 9118 to find out more about what Global Immersion can offer you!