Why Global Immersion ?

If you are a School Administrator there are 4 reasons, why you would select ‘Global Immersion’ to conduct personal development or leadership training with your staff or students …

1. Bernie Kelly and the Gi Team.     why-global-immersion001

Even his Industry peers recognize Bernie as the pioneer of effective student leadership development in this country. He has been at it for nearly three decades ! Global Immersion has been mentored by the best ! Bernie has taught Gi how to deliver the perfect balance between potent hands-on experiences, powerful story-telling that makes ‘the picture’ come alive, and gutsy facilitation which makes the education so very real and relevant.

2. Price.

There has never been a client in 25 years that has been knocked back because of finances. Why ? The cargo is too precious !! One cannot let money stand in the way of developing our children. They are our future. Price will not be a hurdle to working with your students. Ring Gi and discuss 07 3269 9118

3. Philosophy.

When it comes to leadership, very few organizations present a picture of leadership which caters for ALL, but in the Gi definition of Leadership as ‘any action that makes the world I touch a better place’, every child can see themselves in the leadership game. You don’t have to have a badge or a title to ‘make a difference’, all you need is the will to serve, the desire to act and the joy of adding value to other people’s lives. Why would a student want to lead and to make difference ? Because it makes life MEANINGFUL.

4. Proven Programmes and Processes.

… Tried and tested for 20+ years. Gi’s programmes work. They penetrate. This does not mean we are delivering the same programme today as 20 years ago. To the contrary. We are so dedicated to continuous improvement that no programme is EXACTLY the same as it was last month !! We evolve our processes, so bit by bit they just get better and better, until they work for ALL.

If you want to travel with ‘Global Immersion’ to Tanzania, Nepal, India or Peru there are 4 reasons, why you would select a powerful ‘Global Immersion’ adventure …

1. You travel with a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. school-of-st-judes001

I don’t know if any other organization does this … but your tour party will come from all over the world … Canadians, Kiwis, English and Aussies. There may be Catholics and Hindus … Black and White. Together, we serve the needy children of Tanzania, Nepal and Peru. Together we teach, dance, sing, and labour to add value to third world communities, but in the process of serving these beautiful students we build a Global Community amongst us. We teambuild us through serving others !

2. The locals climb with us.

Through our fund-raising efforts, we will sponsor local Tanzanian children to ascend Kilimanjaro with us. You will walk with them for 6 days, chat with them, learn of their ways and their culture, and they of course will learn from you. A Nepalese child will trek the 13 days to Everest Base Camp with us, teaching us about Sherpa communities, while en route to the highest mountain on Earth. Yet another way of fostering acceptance, understanding and the embracing of difference.

3. This is not a holiday … It is a powerful 4 month educational experience ! 3 months before tour departure, the gates are closed ! No more participants are allowed to join the trip. In a 13 week period before departure, participants participate in educational activities that not only prepare them for their great adventure, but most importantly teach key words and phrases they will use while interacting with the natives of the countries and communities they are visiting.

4. The balance between service, adventure, education and community-building activity is unique, giving participants a wide variety of experiences all as memorable as the other. In three weeks, you work with students. You climb mountains with them. You teach and coach. You study wildlife. You live with the locals. You achieve remarkable things. You celebrate. All in three weeks … The opportunity is unique.

If you are a Corporate Manager there is only one reason, why you would select us to conduct leadership training, teambuilding programmes or enhance your Conference …

1. Ring Bernie Kelly on 07 3269 9118. Listen to him and find out for yourself why he is considered amongst the best ‘cultural change agent’ in the world. You won’t hear how good he is from him ! But you will hear it in his voice, his thoughts and his manner. The call will cost you little and after 5 minutes you will know whether or not you have the right person to meet your speaking or training need.

“I have known Bernie Kelly for nearly 30 years and I know of no-one who has worked with at least half of Australia’s top 400, while so unselfishly giving his talents to the youth of his country. His ability to read people, get to the heart of the matter and help people to grow and prosper is truly unique. He is one of a kind.”

Andrew Rennie, Deputy CEO, Domino’s Pizza Australia